Magical Thinking and the Zero-Sum Roadmap


Recent conversations at several clients highlight an often-repeated set of magical thinking: beliefs by internal clients that development resources are infinite, and beliefs by product managers that prioritization can convince anyone otherwise.  Both are wrong, but seductive.  Here goes… The starting point for this conversation is the typical product roadmap: crammed full of prioritized work and heavily negotiated with the development team.  Almost every optional item has been postponed, and there’s still some risk of delay.  This is a product plan with no “white space,” no large chunks of unallocated engineering capacity, no slop or slush funds or hidden treasure.

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Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Rich Mironov led a clinic on product management concepts for very early-stage start-ups (1 to 3 employees), hosted by Agile Entrepreneurs. Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs from Rich Mironov When: Thursday July 15, 2010 Where: Fenwick & West, 801 California St, Mountain View CA Who: Hosted/presented by Agile Entrepreneurs Rich talked about what product management is, who does it at start-ups, and three things that every founder must do (or get help doing) even though there’s no product manager on board yet: Seriously listen to their market/prospects Build a thumbnail customer-side ROI Take time for whole-product thinking

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