Leadership, Trust and Pronouns


I’m struck by the words people choose, and by how their pronouns reflect their management style. In particular, I’m working with a team that’s been hungry for leadership and trust – and is now blossoming. This provides me with an excuse to recap what we all (should) know about leadership, trust, and how the words we use shape the behavior of our organizations. A thoughtful choice between “I” and “we” and “you” is a reflection of the workplace emotional temperature: are managers and executives motivating line employees to do their best, or “throwing them under the bus?” Are we rewarding cross-functional cooperation and market impact, or angling for promotion and impressing our peers?

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How Agile Changes (and Doesn’t Change) What Product Managers Do

Rich Mironov led a November 18th session on agile product management for the Norcal BMA. What: “How Agile Changes (and Doesn’t Change) What Product Managers Do” Who: Norcal BMA (Northern California Business Marketing Association) When: Nov 18th, 830AM – 10AM Where: Scott’s Seafood, Palo Alto CA

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