Getting Your First Product Management Job


Looking over dozens of discussions, presentations and Quora threads from the last few months, a frequent question has been “How do I get a job in technical product management?”  Here is the first of three posts split along job levels: How do I move into tech product management, especially if I’m currently a developer? How do I move up from an individual PM role to Director?  I’m a Director of Product Management, and want to be a VP. 

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Webcast with John Peltier


John Peltier is a seasoned product manager out of Atlanta, and does a periodic  webcast with guest product folks posted on his Product Owner Vision blog.  He generously included me in an interview posted on12 December.  We recorded a half hour discussion covering: How Product Camps can increase awareness among senior and executive level product management How product managers can help engineering organizations to understand what product managers do outside of engineering to help ensure the success of a product Options for a product manager to advance in the field Listen to the entire session here.

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Product Management Essentials for Project / Program Managers

IEEE Technology Management Council hosted a talk by Rich Mironov, primarily for program and project managers as an introduction to product management. “ProDUCT management is a murky role: poorly understood and inconsistently practiced across tech companies. It’s often confused with proGRAM management and proJECT management. Yet done well, product management is often a driver of market success and effective development.” This session helped define the basics of product management, contrasted them with project/program management, and identified ways for all of us to work more effectively together.  An interesting, very energetic discussion followed, bridging various organizational gaps.

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Santa Clara MBA Lecture on Product Mgmt


Prof. Kumar Sarangee of Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business invited Rich Mironov for a guest lecture on Product Market Planning and Strategy class.  This talk included a quick overview of what product managers are (what they do), how this fits into the overall business of creating technology, and how to think about pricing software and roadmapping.

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How Engineering Can Work Better with Product Management


As a break from stealth start-up work, I led a discussion for SDForum’s Engineering Leadership SIG on “How Engineering Can Work Better with Product Management.”  This was a VERY spirited discussion… We gathered some (good and bad) experiences from attendees about their interactions with product management, tried to define what the PM role is, and shared some thoughts on how to cooperate better for great products and organizations. Lots of questions about how to get into product management, and why people would stay in such a role!

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Social Entrepreneurship


I got an early look at allthis – a community of people using their talents, skills, and social connections to support their favorite causes. Hope that you’ll visit as well, and participate if the spirit moves you. In brief, allthis lets people post offers (services, goods, special items) that they’ll provide in return for charitable donations. You do what you’re good at (or what you hope others will appreciate), and 100% of the money goes directly to the cause of your choosing.

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