Getting Your First Product Management Job


Looking over dozens of discussions, presentations and Quora threads from the last few months, a frequent question has been “How do I get a job in technical product management?”  Here is the first of three posts split along job levels: How do I move into tech product management, especially if I’m currently a developer? How do I move up from an individual PM role to Director?  I’m a Director of Product Management, and want to be a VP. 

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Webcast with John Peltier


John Peltier is a seasoned product manager out of Atlanta, and does a periodic  webcast with guest product folks posted on his Product Owner Vision blog.  He generously included me in an interview posted on12 December.  We recorded a half hour discussion covering: How Product Camps can increase awareness among senior and executive level product management How product managers can help engineering organizations to understand what product managers do outside of engineering to help ensure the success of a product Options for a product manager to advance in the field Listen to the entire session here.

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