Dublin’s Software Pioneers


Rich Mironov guest-taught in Dublin, Ireland, as part of a Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management offered by Software Skillnet and the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). Also workshopped / lectured on agile and software product management for the Irish Software Association.

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Agile Product Manager/Product Owner Dilemma

Thoughts on how software product management overlaps, but is not identical with, agile product owner.

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Moving Up To Director


In the second of three posts about the product management hierarchy, we’ll focus on technology product managers (PMs) who’ve been in their jobs long enough to consider what comes next.  (User story: “As a Senior Product Manager, I want to be promoted to Director so that I get more money and respect and glory.”) Let’s break this problem into a few parts: likely candidates for promotion; how the Director job differs from line Product Management; and ways to show that you’re ready for a bigger role. Persona You’re a promotional candidate if you’re already a seasoned PM, with 4+ years on a few different products, and are the “go to” person for competitive and technical info. You make time for…

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