What’s A Vice President of Product Management?


My last two posts were about getting into product management and the climb to Director. This third post asks how Vice Presidents of Product Management (VP PMs) are different from Directors, why they are so rare, and where else Directors can look for organizational advancement. Product groups vary widely and are not rationally designed. (Sorry.) So let’s imagine a pure VP PM position generalized from my own tours of duty plus a half-dozen interim/acting VP PM roles.  Your organizational mileage may vary.  IMHO, /services: shepherding the short-term development efforts and long-term strategy work to keep a 3-12 month roadmap that’s coherent.  . They provide some order and structure and process to a chaotic situation, and keep things directionally on track….

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Stockholm Product Leadership Days


Stockholm’s third annual Product Leadership Days (“Produktledardagen“) was held on March 22-23, drawing more than 60 product management professionals and technologists from Sweden and northern Europe. (Agenda in Swedish.)  This year’s focus was on sustainable profitability for B2B tech companies.  

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Product Camp Silicon Valley 2012


Five years after the first PCamp, it’s thrilling to see Product Camps become a global phenomenon.  Over the next few months, we’ll see events in Austin, Vancouver, St. Louis, Washington and Boston.  Last year’s far-flung camps included London, Amsterdam, Bangalore and Melbourne.   The world’s biggest Product Camp, of course, is here in Silicon Valley on March 24th. A sell-out crowd of 650+ is assured. What’s a Product Camp?  Product managers, product marketers and other interested folks gathering for a Saturday of discussions, talks, panels, networking, fun, food, t-shirts and surprises.  Run on an unconference model, this is a way for us to meet and share with our peers.  SVPMA provides organizational leadership here, and eBay is generously donating meeting…

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