Painters, Portraits, Software Architects


I’ve been tuning an analogy about painters for the last few months, which has become my litmus test for which companies see software strategically – and the kind of talent they attract.  First the analogy, in three parts: If you want someone to paint your house, you get a few quotes from house painters. Bids focus on size of house, cost of paint, prep time and ladder time. Good references help, but your decision is mostly about price and availability. If you want someone to paint a portrait of your loving spouse, however, you might prefer a modern-day Renoir to a Cassius Coolidge, even at substantially higher cost and less convenient scheduling. The quality of the work product really matters,…

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StartUP SF: Defining Product Management

Startup Product Talks

I was pleased to lead the discussion at the StartUP Product Talk on 16 May at Atlassian‘s SF offices, hosted by #ProdMgmtTalk‘s Cindy Solomon and Atlassian PM Nick Muldoon.  About 45 people networked, ate pizza, and joined an energetic discussion.

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Video: Importance of Roadmapping

Magnus Billgren of Tolpagorni Product Management talks with Rich Mironov about the importance of roadmaps as part of a coherent product strategy. How do we handle customer requests that are not in plan? This was taped during Tolpagorni’s Product Leadership Days, March 2012.

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