Scaling Up Product Manager/Owner Teams (PCamp PDX)


This talk from Product Camp Portland paints the need to formally identify product owners for each agile team, select POs thoughtfully, train/mentor them, and create very strong ties to portfolio-level product management.

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Get a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Gray beard

There’s been a lot of good chatter in the PM-osphere about the need for mentoring. If you’re looking for a product management mentor, be clear about your needs and goals. If you can be a mentor, please pitch in.

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Video: Scaling Up Agile Product Teams (at Cisco)


An April 4th talk at Cisco: “Product Managers, Product Owners, and Scalable Models for Agile Product Teams.” On large, multi-team commercial products, what skills do various product owners need? How do we connect that back to product-level strategy and priorities?

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Is Apple the new Microsoft?


A decade ago, Microsoft owned the desktop OS market, and pushed users around a lot. Lately, it feels like Apple is working on their strategic agenda harder than they’re working on mine.

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