2015: A Strong Product Year


Appreciative hat tips to bloggers, events, podcasts and product-specific tools that caught my eye during 2015. An embarrassment of riches!

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SVPMA 15th Anniversary: Future of Product Management


The Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) celebrated 15 years of in-person social networking for product folks with a series of rapid “Product Management: Then, Now, and in the Future” talks. Here is my lighthearted two-slide talk.

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Four Laws Of Software Economics (Part 4)


There are a lot of inputs to product strategy including advisory boards, customer forums, sales teams and ROI prioritization algorithms. None are sufficient on their own: we have to develop and apply strategic judgment, and test that in the marketplace.

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Unpacking Business Value (AgileCamp Dallas Keynote)


The AgileCamp organizers have generously invited me to kick off the Dallas event with a keynote on unpacking business value. We’ll look at things from “the business side” ahead of a full day of Agile and Lean practices.

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Four Laws Of Software Economics (Part 3)


The software bits we release are not the whole product, but a part of the product. We need to make sure we ship a whole product, which includes a compelling story of interest to customers. Strategy, segmentation and customer joy matter.

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Four Laws Of Software Economics (Part 2)


If all of the profits are in the nth copy of software that we sell, we need to understand the Law of Build Once, Sell Many. Building for market segments is different (better) than custom development or professional services.

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Talk: Four Laws of Software Economics (Business of Software)

Business of Software

There are some fundamental laws of software economics that should drive executive-level decisions about business and product strategies. It’s easy to decide they don’t apply to our special situation…

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Four Laws Of Software Economics (Part 1)


It’s a fact: your development team will never, ever, ever be big enough. As a software executive or product lead, how should knowing that change your actions or decisions?

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Making Hard Product/Portfolios Decisions (Product Tank SF)


Software executives and software product managers should focus first on putting the right products into their portfolios — since the primary drivers of market success are identifying the right markets, segments and customer problems to solve.

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Agile2015: Intro to Agile Product Management


My “bootcamp” presentation at Agile2015 (DC) on agile product management: scope vs. product owner, assorted failure modes, and ways to re-bridge organizational gaps.

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