Eight Mistakes You’ll (Probably) Make in Your First Product Management Job


New product managers have often studied the daily mechanics of the product development process, but tend to be light on soft skills, product strategy, organizational savvy, and market insight. Where do they get into trouble?

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“It’s Not Just Me”


Many of the challenges that product leaders face are the same across companies. Getting together and talking with our peers lets us recognize the commonalities and avoid defining these as singularly personal failures.

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Interviewing Like a Product Manager (Product School)


Many candidates applying for product management jobs are thinking only about their side of the process, and not applying their product skills to understanding what hiring managers (i.e. buyers) want.

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Product Leadership Workshop (MTPCon)

Mind The Product

Rather than focus on managing individual products/services, this workshop is for people managing teams of product managers: organizations, issues and strategies. Organizations are complex; getting things done is hard; evidence-based validation may not be enough.

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