Podcast: Technically Speaking About Agile Product Management


Podcast from Agile2016 about the importance of understanding what customers really want; style/personality differences between Sales and Engineering; how to motivate development teams; and what killed off the dinosaurs. “Mommas: don’t let your boys and girls grow up to be product managers.”

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Agile2016 Innovation & Product talks


For those who missed this year’s Agile Alliance conference in Atlanta (July 25-29), Rich gave talks on “Intro to Agile Product Innovation” and “Intro to Agile Product Management.” Both were for general agile audiences, geared to those working on (or coaching) agile development teams, and emphasizing the revenue-generating market side of the software business. LeanUX / Lean Startup practitioners will recognize many of the themes.

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The DIY Illusion


It’s easy to believe that broadly available commercial products don’t give us exactly what we want, but that our internal team can quickly whip up precisely the right thing. This ignores some fundamental economics of software commercialization.

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Hack The Process Podcast


I joined M. David Green’s Hack The Process podcast where we talked about products, organizations, humility, content marketing, and narrowly focusing a consulting practice. A packed 45 minutes.

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