Dublin: Product Managers, Product Owners, Scalable Product Models


ProductTank Dublin is hosting a short discussion on product managers, product owners and scalable models for agile product teams. This is usually a large, loud, opinionated group — so should be exciting and unpredictable.

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TwitterChat on DevOps & Product Management


A live Twitter chat on DevOps and Product Management, including why DevOps should matter to product managers, and how product managers can support DevOps as part of a healthy engineering organization.

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Podcast: Mastering Business Analysis


In this “Mastering Business Analysis” podcast, Rich shares thoughts on product manager versus product owner; output versus outcome; getting out of our cubes to learn from lots of real users; and building the right thing (not just building things right) to deliver measurable value.

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Building the RIGHT Thing @ AgileCamp SV


What do markets and customers need? Most agile discussions focus on building things *right*; we’ll focus on building the right things, validation and avoiding 100% waste.

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Product Management Basics for Project Managers (PMI webinar)


ProDUCT management is often a murky role: poorly understood and inconsistently practiced across tech companies – often confused with proGRAM and proJECT management. In this PMI-sponsored webinar, we’ll talk through the basics and how we can all work well together.

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Podcast: Technically Speaking About Agile Product Management


Podcast from Agile2016 about the importance of understanding what customers really want; style/personality differences between Sales and Engineering; how to motivate development teams; and what killed off the dinosaurs. “Mommas: don’t let your boys and girls grow up to be product managers.”

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Agile2016 Innovation & Product talks


For those who missed this year’s Agile Alliance conference in Atlanta (July 25-29), Rich gave talks on “Intro to Agile Product Innovation” and “Intro to Agile Product Management.” Both were for general agile audiences, geared to those working on (or coaching) agile development teams, and emphasizing the revenue-generating market side of the software business. LeanUX / Lean Startup practitioners will recognize many of the themes.

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Unpacking Business Value (AgileCamp Dallas Keynote)


The AgileCamp organizers have generously invited me to kick off the Dallas event with a keynote on unpacking business value. We’ll look at things from “the business side” ahead of a full day of Agile and Lean practices.

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Agile2015: Intro to Agile Product Management


My “bootcamp” presentation at Agile2015 (DC) on agile product management: scope vs. product owner, assorted failure modes, and ways to re-bridge organizational gaps.

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Why You’ll Eventually Need a Product Manager at Your Startup


Very early stage startups don’t have dedicated product managers / product owners. But once they get to 30 people or have a few big-revenue customers, lack of product management can be disastrous.

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