What Hiring Managers are Looking for in Product Management Candidates


We did an analysis of job requirements and qualifications for posted product management openings. Previous PM experience, segment expertise and great communication skills are at the top of the list. What if you don’t look like the typical PM hire?

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4 1/2 Mac Productivity Products that Don’t Suck

I have a complex set of office productivity needs, and struggle to find products (services) that fit my particular situation. Even though my business assets live in the cloud, I’m often without a high-speed network connection – so also have to keep critical things stored locally. I juggle several email identities, keep two Macs synchronized, and live in a still-sometimes-Windows application world. Here’s unsolicited applause for a few products that meet my challenge. 1. Postbox. Managing a half-dozen email accounts isn’t for the faint of heart, and Apple’s native email client isn’t up to the task. (Most of my accounts live on gmail, which my browser can only access one at a time.)  I finally jettisoned Outlook 2011 after another…

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