Business of Software

What: Masterclass on “Leading Product Management Teams
Sponsor: Business of Software
When: July 14th & 16th (10am-12pm ET / 7am-9am PT / 3-5pm BST)
Limited to 12 Attendees
Register here ($495)

The jump from being a Product Manager to overseeing Product Managers/Owners is a big one. Most product leaders have little internal peer support for understanding and defining their roles. Our challenges demand fresh skills and organizational strategies, even as product-level work pulls us back into execution mode.

This Business of Software Masterclass will give you practical approaches and useful frameworks to help you lead your product management team successfully.

The Masterclass is limited to just 12 attendees, to ensure attendees get maximum interaction time with Rich.

You will learn:

  • What product leaders do that’s different from individual product managers
  • How different product organizations are structured
  • The drivers and motivations for other functional groups
  • How to navigate prioritization, politics and alignment when internal stakeholders disagree
  • How to quantify and sell the benefits (outcomes) of product management
  • Different ways to build and structure your product team
  • Why sales/marketing groups don’t (want to) understand trade-offs
  • The critical need for all of your product managers to get *direct* end-user input

This is especially designed for people already leading teams of product managers or about to move into such roles.  We’ll have some advance reading/exercises, lots of collaborative exercises, and a safe setting to ask tough questions.