Agile2015: Intro to Agile Product Management

My “bootcamp” presentation at Agile2015 (DC) on agile product management: scope vs. product owner, assorted failure modes, and ways to re-bridge organizational gaps.

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Why You’ll Eventually Need a Product Manager at Your Startup

Very early stage startups don’t have dedicated product managers / product owners. But once they get to 30 people or have a few big-revenue customers, lack of product management can be disastrous.

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Making The Right Strategic Choices in Product Portfolios (RallyON)

Most agile improvement is focused on development teams, but most product failures happen before the first developer is assigned; before the first user story is written. How do we apply good validation, portfolio strategy and executive-level organizational thinking to building the RIGHT products?

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Driving Strategic Choices for Agile Product Portfolios (Agile Leadership Network)

TriValley ALN

Most agile improvement is focused at teams, but product failures happen before the first developer is assigned. How do we apply good validation, portfolio strategy and executive-level organizational thinking?

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Product Spending and Implied Strategy

We make day-by-day or story-by-story prioritization choices without noticing the cumulative impact of those choices. But they add up. How can we easily see our implied product priorities?

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Prioritization Requires Strategy

Team-level priorities and backlogs need to be anchored to broader technical and business goals. Here’s how one product leader is getting her various pieces lined up.

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Silicon Valley View of Product Owner/Manager Challenges (Agile@Cork)

Cork coat of arms

Rich joined 50+ members of Agile@Cork for a discussion of product owners, product manages, and why writing/accepting stories isn’t sufficient to drive successful software.

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Conway’s Law for Product Organizations

Conway’s Law is an old but useful idea: the organizational structure of software teams shows in their code. The technical architecture grows to look like the org chart. In broader terms, how we group people and delineate teams has a real impact on the products we produce. How does this apply to product management teams?

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Scaling Agile Product Teams (Zürich)


I was thrilled to speak at this year’s Product Management Festival in Zürich, Sept 17-18. My short talk included excerpts of recent material on scaling agile product organizations, and the organizers graciously included me in panel discussions on the future of product management and scaling up PM teams

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“Product Management is Not Optional” (ELSIG, Palo Alto)


Rich Mironov joined SV-Forum’s Engineering Leadership SIG on August 21st to talk about tech product management, engineering symptoms that may be tied to product teams, and organizational challenges of building great products.

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