Joblorn: Grumpy About Unfunded Projects

Development tip jar

Rich: I’m a product manager writing PRDs, but my features are always de-prioritized when engineering allocates resources. (We have constrained engineering bandwidth). How can I get priority for my features so that my PRD will see the light of day?
— Generating Reams of Unfunded MRDs and PRDs
Dear GRUMPy…

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Product Management Skills For Non-Revenue Product Owners (#2 of 3)

compass and map

Basic product owner descriptions assume a best-case situation: clear sponsor/user alignment, obvious project value, willing subject experts, budget authority and rational expectations. What skills do product owners need for real world projects?

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A Product Management Skills Map For Product Owners (#1 of 3)

How do we reconcile the broad, market-focused scope of a technology product manager with the sprint-level attention to excellence of a product owner? In the first of three posts, I propose a customer diversity scale to identify how much “product-manager-ness” a product owner needs.

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Advice to the Joblorn

MBA mortarboard

“I’m a new MBA who’s just moved out to San Francisco, and am looking for a product marketing job. I worked on analytic tools for banks before B-School, but got a cool internship with a Bay Area social media company here last summer. So I want to work on something more exciting than FinTech. How should I restructure my résumé and LinkedIn profile?
— Recently Moved to the Bay Area with a Respectable MBA”

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“Getting Promoted” Talk at SV Product Camp ’13


This year’s Silicon Valley Product Camp (the sixth!) again drew record crowds of product managers and product marketers to share, network, learn and have fun!  600+ attendees came to eBay’s Paypal/San Jose location. I ran a session on Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted. We had an energetic (semi-structured) discussion about what individual contributor Product Managers do, how this is different from Director-level and VP Product roles, and ways to address various real-world (political) issues.  Some of the more senior attendees offered advice to newcomers.  We talked about how to signal that you’re interested in “the next job up” while respecting your current manager. Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted from Rich Mironov   With a…

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Notes from the Unicorn Hiring Front


When opening up a new product management position (or any job), it’s easy to over-specify what candidates must have. We risk finding no candidates at all, or missing those with unique skills and backgrounds, so it helps to clearly prioritize our requirements.

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What Hiring Managers are Looking for in Product Management Candidates


We did an analysis of job requirements and qualifications for posted product management openings. Previous PM experience, segment expertise and great communication skills are at the top of the list. What if you don’t look like the typical PM hire?

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B2B SaaS Companies Need Behavioral Expertise

B2B SaaS are missing the opportunity to understand and model their user base: boosting satisfaction and revenue by identifying how successful customers behave during their revenue journey

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Painters, Portraits, Software Architects

I’ve been tuning an analogy about painters for the last few months, which has become my litmus test for which companies see software strategically – and the kind of talent they attract.  First the analogy, in three parts: If you want someone to paint your house, you get a few quotes from house painters. Bids focus on size of house, cost of paint, prep time and ladder time. Good references help, but your decision is mostly about price and availability. If you want someone to paint a portrait of your loving spouse, however, you might prefer a modern-day Renoir to a Cassius Coolidge, even at substantially higher cost and less convenient scheduling. The quality of the work product really matters,…

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Podcast: Galvanizing The Product Management Career Path

I was honored to join Cindy Solomon’s Product Management Talk podcast series on April 16th.  Co-hosted by Adrienne Tan and  Nick Coster, we had a lively conversation about Galvanizing The Product Management Career Path.

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