Bloomberg BusinessWeek gathered stories of people who’d gotten jobs after being sidelined.  Kay Roseland got a job “after attending ProductCamp Minnesota, an event focused on product management and marketing. [She] followed up with one of the presenters on LinkedIn… met for a great conversation, and the presenter recommended” her for a PM position.

A good emphasis on personal (face-to-face) networking as well as the online variety.  In chats with more than a dozen job-seeker over the last month, I’ve echoed this advice: get breakfast, lunch or coffee with a new contact – it makes you a real person and lets you paint a nuanced picture of what you’re looking for.  Too often, online resume submissions and job postings are handled by automated search algorithms or 5-second reviewers.

And great to see Product Camps delivering in-person, non-virtual human contact alongside our many online PM forums.