What: One-Day Product Leaders Roundtable (Workshop)
When: April 16, 2018
Where: Frankfurt, DE 
Cohost: Greg Prickril
Limit of 8 participants.  Interested: email Rich or Greg

This is a one-day session specifically designed to address the biggest challenges facing those leading product management teams:

  • Product VPs
  • Directors of Product Management
  • Chief Product Officers
  • Other product-focused execs

Limited to 8 attendees, we will collectively set an agenda of top issues — and spend a full day sharing strategies for addressing these issues.   Since we will be among peers, we will be able to talk frankly about what works and what doesn’t work at the executive level.

Possible topics:

  • Managing roadmap interrupts from founders and stakeholder executives
  • Hiring, training and mentoring strategies for new product managers
  • Selling the value of product management to peer organizations
  • Role definitions, or “who does what”

Even if we assume a team of individually great product managers (and developers and designers and marketing/sales/services/support folks), organizations are complex.  Getting things done is hard, so we must be strong enablers of our organizations.  Sharing leader-level experiences helps us recognize patterns and find solutions to apparently-unique issues.

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Greg Prickril is a software product management consultant, coach and trainer specializing in the intersection of software product management with disciplines such as Scrum, Lean and Design Thinking. In a career spanning over 15 years, Greg has delivered multiple releases of enterprise software products on three continents at 3 of the 4 largest software companies in the world.  He is based in Heidelberg and works with clients worldwide.


Rich Mironov is a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley tech companies.  Rich coaches product executives, product management teams and agile/lean development organizations. He also parachutes into software companies as interim VP Products/CPO to address company-level product/market/leadership issues. Rich has been the “product guy” at six Silicon Valley start-ups, and his long-running blog covers software, start-ups, product strategies, and the inner life of product managers. Rich is the author of “The Art of Product Management” (2008), and founded the first Product Camp.