I’m thrilled to be Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Leading the Product conference in Australia.  As part of that, I’ll be offering one-day workshops on career ladders to product leadership:

Melbourne, 16 October, What Do Product Leaders Do, and How Can I Become One?  (registration)

Sydney, 21 October, What Do Product Leaders Do, and How Can I Become One? (registration)

The day will be packed with learning, exercises, and a safe setting for career discussion.  We will cover:

  • What does a product leader actually do?
  • How is that the same/different from what individual product managers do?
  • Do I want that job? Opportunities, concerns, other career paths
  • How to signal interest and move up into a leadership role

This workshop is perfect for anyone thinking about moving up the product org chart, and for newly promoted product leaders.

Product managers, senior product owners, design/research leads: learn how product leadership differs from individual contributor product (and design) roles. Get a taste of the new challenges, skills, conflicts and organizational ju jitsu of great product leaders. Safely talk about your own goals and ways to demonstrate interest/readiness for leadership opportunities.

Newly promoted product leaders: hear what’s important and strategic in your new role, identify key challenges and areas for skills development. Learn what issues other product leaders wrestle with.