Rich Mironov offered this rare one-day workshop in New York City.  Limit of 12 attendees, priced for individuals than corporate sponsors.

Audience: product managers, product owners and the people who manage them

Location: Midtown Manhattan (Conf Room E, Exec Suites, Hippodrome, 1120 6th Ave, 4th Floor)

Date: Friday, August 15th, 9:30AM – 3:30PM.  Includes lunch.

SOLD OUT, sorry!

This one-day workshop blends lecture-style material, group exercises and analysis of attendees’ own product issues as we hone our product craft. Participants will help set the agenda for a highly interactive session.


  • Unwinding the product manager/product owner problem
  • Roadmaps, portfolio thinking and balanced product strategy
  • Managing executives, stakeholders, and the flood of “good” ideas
  • One or more topics chosen by the attendees such as pricing/customer value, software economics 101, the politics of sales teams, Lean Startup and other methodologies vs. decision-making roles, or hero moments for our customers

Attendees will also get:

Rich presentingRich Mironov has been leading, teaching and mentoring product managers for more than three decades. He is the author of “The Art of Product Management” and a vigorous champion for product management on his long-running Product Bytes blog. Rich is a serial entrepreneur, including CEO and product roles at six tech start-ups and founded the first Product Camp. Since 2006, he’s provided full-time and interim consulting/mentoring to large and small technology companies, often parachuting into software companies as VP Products. Rich has a BS Physics degree from Yale and an MBA from Stanford.

What others say about Rich’s workshops:

“This gave me a great picture of product owner challenges that my development team doesn’t see.”
“I learned a lot from people in similar roles at other companies.”
“The Software Economics 101 section by itself was worth the time!”
“Love the excellent exercises. Using these tools as a group showed me how I can apply them to my own product.”
“I’ve been writing good user stories and managing a backlog, but this workshop put that into a bigger context.”