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As a product owner, are you wrestling with conflicting user groups, managing roadmaps in complex organizations or justifying investments into your product?  As a technical product manager, do you need help with product-level prioritization and describing real economic benefits for your product?

Many product managers/product owners struggle with “the rest” of product management. They know how to write user stories and groom backlogs. They struggle, though, identifying which markets to serve, how to describe value in quantitative customer terms, and how to launch products into the marketplace.

There are many classes and workshops that focus on agile mechanics for product owners: story writing, backlog management, sprint-level prioritization and accepting stories. This workshop is for product owners and product managers who also need organizational and market-facing skills to make their products/projects successful. It’s specially designed for those building commercial software.

During this two-day interactive workshop, we’ll share the customer-side skills that make great product managers/owners.  Combining best practices and learn-by-doing exercises, we cover:

  • How product manager and product owner roles overlap, but aren’t identical
  • Understanding executives and stakeholders, and strategies for handling the endless stream of “good” ideas
  • Segmentation: what are our product’s different user groups, and how do their needs vary?
  • Software Economics 101: rough-quantifying how customers measure value, your company thinks about R&D investments, and how products pull their revenue weight
  • Portfolio thinking: fitting your projects into broader efforts, and balancing features against technical debt reduction against the next big thing
  • Why roadmapping is difficult, politically charged, and not just boxes on a page
  • Hero moments for our customers and products
  • At least one topic chosen by the attendees

This workshop is a mix of presentations and group exercises. In each section, we choose participants’ real-world problems for analysis and solutions: the entire group will put theory into practice. Participants will gain immediate experience applying market-facing tools to their own projects/products.

Who should attend:

Product owners and product managers who need to grow market-facing skills and viewpoints in order to deliver successful whole products/programs.  We will assume some familiarity with core agile methods.

What you will receive:

What other people are saying:

“This gave me a great picture of product owner challenges that my development team doesn’t see.”
“Love the excellent exercises. Using these tools as a group showed me how I can apply them to my own program.”
“I learned a lot from people in similar roles at other companies.”
“The Software Economics 101 section was worth the entire two days!”
“I’ve been writing good user stories and managing a backlog, but this workshop put that into a bigger context.”

RichMironov-smYour Facilitator:

Rich Mironov has been leading, teaching and coaching product managers for more than three decades. He is a serial entrepreneur, including CEO and VP Product/Marketing roles at six tech start-ups, and often parachutes into software companies as acting VP Products. Rich founded the first Product Camps, and chaired the first product manager/ product owner tracks at the Agile Alliance’s annual conference. He is the author of “The Art of Product Management” and the long-running Product Bytes blog. Since 2006, he’s provided full-time and interim consulting/ mentoring to large and small technology companies. He holds a BS Physics degree from Yale and an MBA from Stanford.