Product School hosted me for a talk with prospective product managers and attendees of their program.

Topic: Interviewing Like a Product Manager
Where: 415 Jackson St., Suite B, San Francisco
When: Weds, May 18, 6:30pm

While hiring product managers for my own teams and behalf of clients,  I have screened thousands of resumes, done hundreds of phone interviews, and interviewed scores of candidates in person.   I see many candidates thinking only about their side of the process, and not applying their product management skills to understanding what hiring managers (i.e. the buyers) are looking for.

  • In your job hunt, you are the product
  • Good product managers should be able to segment markets, turn features into benefits, and do basic solution selling
  • “Studying for the test” may work for huge structured companies, but not for startups

We had a lively discussion about job postings, previous experience, and how this looks from the other side of the interview desk..  See this related post