7 Ways to Know That You Need a Head of Product

The “No Head of Product Syndrome” is where product managers are scattered throughout a complex organization, but lack an executive-level product leader who can to create conditions for success: drive good hiring/mentoring, create bits of semi-standard processes, and set achievable role/job expectations.

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Post: 10 Questions from The Clever PM

10 questions from The Clever PM for his blog series including ‘What piece of advice would you share?’ and ‘What are the biggest challenges for Product Leaders? and ‘Biggest differences between smaller startups and larger companies?’

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One-Day Product Leaders Roundtable

This one-day roundtable (workshop) is specifically for those managing teams of product managers. We will collectively tackle VP-level organizational and leadership issues. Plus dinner the evening before: wine, wisdom, war stories, and closed-door networking with other product executives.

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What kind of politics is involved in a product manager’s job?

Quora question: What kind of politics is involved in the job of a product manager?
My answer: “Politics” has a negative spin to it. Let’s rephrase slightly: Given that no other groups/functions actually report to product management, what are key influencing approaches or styles?

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Get a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Gray beard

There’s been a lot of good chatter in the PM-osphere about the need for mentoring. If you’re looking for a product management mentor, be clear about your needs and goals. If you can be a mentor, please pitch in.

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“Why I’m Passionate About Product Management” (PCamp SF Keynote)


A lighthearted pictorial keynote from Product Camp San Francisco, Oct 2013. Since we typically talk about wearing lots of hats, I’ve instead referenced shoes.

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