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Owning the Gap

Product managers are usually the people who “own the gap” for their specific products: identifying all of the missing or incomplete features and services and supporting processes that customers need for a successfully experience.  This discussion is about elevating that concept to the product executive, who should be looking for systemic problems in the company’s

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Defensive Processes

As a company grows, processes accumulate. You’ll want to thoughtfully sort the useful from the soul-deadening to keep your company running happily.

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Why are there Serial Entrepreneurs?

From the outside, it might seem that joining a fledgling start-up should only be about economics and the big payoff: the popular business press always has stories of farsighted technologists, instant millionaires, and thirty-somethings coping with Sudden Wealth Syndrome.  And there are certainly enough folks in the Valley who have made it that most of

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Insider Thinking

Product managers and other product champions spend a lot of their time driving internal processes and decisions — the daily incremental struggle for progress on pricing, packaging, release schedules, upgrade policies and other bits of the production puzzle. This relentless motivation is indispensable, the tech equivalent of keeping the trains running on time. PMs should

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Where Should PM Report?

A perennial problem for Product Management (PM) is finding the right organizational home.  In companies large enough to have a PM department, it has a tendency to oscillate between Marketing and Engineering.  Two root causes for this are role confusion and organizational distance.  Let’s walk through each in turn, while trying to map a PM’s

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Parenting and the Art of Product Management

The ‘poop’ on product management: being a product champion is a lot like being a parent. We love our products, make multi-year commitments to their development, hide their shortcomings, and look out for their best long-term interests while other organizations live in the moment.

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