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My Stories Are Too Short…

My team says that my stories are too short, insufficient. Except when they say I’m long-winded, overspecifying HOW instead of WHAT. What’s really happening? Thoughts on engaging with our teams to unpack issues and work better together.

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Auckland: Scaling SaaS

Callaghan Innovation’s conference on “Scaling Your SaaS Business Faster” is for NZ business/technical leaders, especially software entrepreneurs. Rich Mironov’s keynote is on product/market fit and product management, followed by workshops on early validation techniques.

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How to Make Time for Customer Interviews & Validation

Product leaders need to push their teams toward regular direct user/customer feedback, unmediated by sales or marketing or support. I’m suggesting one live user interview per week. But how can we find time for that, and make it important enough to compete with other urgent work?

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Frankfurt: ISPMA Software Product Summit Keynote

Rich Mironov keynoted the ISPMA’s Software Product Summit in Frankfurt, with a talk on “Product Leadership Success: Lessons from Silicon Valley.” Themes were the continuing dominance of software; critical need for product managers to do real market validation; and a focus on paying customers (rather than internal stakeholders).

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Talking Directly with (Real) Customers

Product managers need to talk — often — with actual end users and buyers. We need to listen, interview, understand and empathize with paying customers. Unmediated by marketing, sales or researchers. What organizational barriers block this essential work, and can we remove some of them?

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Sydney: Building & Scaling a Product Team

Brainmates hosted this Sydney talk on building and scaling product management teams. We focused on initial product hires, division of labor as teams grow, and owning end-to-end bits of value. And we laughed about product challenges that the entire group shares.

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Sydney Workshop: Managing Stakeholders and Priorities

This interactive workshop with Rich Mironov will help product managers improve their understanding and skills for working (upward) with their executives. We will frame the main challenges for company executives, then look at specific tools/techniques that product managers can use to drive decisions/strategies.

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