Advice to the Joblorn

MBA mortarboard

“I’m a new MBA who’s just moved out to San Francisco, and am looking for a product marketing job. I worked on analytic tools for banks before B-School, but got a cool internship with a Bay Area social media company here last summer. So I want to work on something more exciting than FinTech. How should I restructure my résumé and LinkedIn profile?
— Recently Moved to the Bay Area with a Respectable MBA”

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Podcast: Galvanizing The Product Management Career Path

I was honored to join Cindy Solomon’s Product Management Talk podcast series on April 16th.  Co-hosted by Adrienne Tan and  Nick Coster, we had a lively conversation about Galvanizing The Product Management Career Path.

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What’s A Vice President of Product Management?

My last two posts were about getting into product management and the climb to Director. This third post asks how Vice Presidents of Product Management (VP PMs) are different from Directors, why they are so rare, and where else Directors can look for organizational advancement. Product groups vary widely and are not rationally designed. (Sorry.) So let’s imagine a pure VP PM position generalized from my own tours of duty plus a half-dozen interim/acting VP PM roles.  Your organizational mileage may vary.  IMHO, /services: shepherding the short-term development efforts and long-term strategy work to keep a 3-12 month roadmap that’s coherent.  . They provide some order and structure and process to a chaotic situation, and keep things directionally on track….

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