Product Camp: Getting Promoted to Director

This Product Camp discussion focused on career ladders for product managers, what directors do that’s different from their individual contributors, and how to signal your interest if you want that next job up. Several participants raised real-world issues, and product veterans sharing their hard-won points of view.

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What do Directors and VPs of Product Management Do? (PCampSV)

Slides from a Product Camp discussion about what Directors of Product Management do, how a PM might signal interest/demonstrate competence for that role, and who might want it.

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JobLorn: Missing My Former Product Segment

mechanical heart

Dear JobLorn: I have a complicated relationship with my ex-company. We had a bad breakup about a year ago which included a two-year “non-compete” agreement – the office equivalent of a Temporary Restraining Order. I love my old niche market, but had to take a product management job elsewhere to pay the bills.

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“Getting Promoted” Talk at SV Product Camp ’13


This year’s Silicon Valley Product Camp (the sixth!) again drew record crowds of product managers and product marketers to share, network, learn and have fun!  600+ attendees came to eBay’s Paypal/San Jose location. I ran a session on Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted. We had an energetic (semi-structured) discussion about what individual contributor Product Managers do, how this is different from Director-level and VP Product roles, and ways to address various real-world (political) issues.  Some of the more senior attendees offered advice to newcomers.  We talked about how to signal that you’re interested in “the next job up” while respecting your current manager. Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted from Rich Mironov   With a…

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Moving Up To Director

In the second of three posts about the product management hierarchy, we’ll focus on technology product managers (PMs) who’ve been in their jobs long enough to consider what comes next.  (User story: “As a Senior Product Manager, I want to be promoted to Director so that I get more money and respect and glory.”) Let’s break this problem into a few parts: likely candidates for promotion; how the Director job differs from line Product Management; and ways to show that you’re ready for a bigger role. Persona You’re a promotional candidate if you’re already a seasoned PM, with 4+ years on a few different products, and are the “go to” person for competitive and technical info. You make time for…

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