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Enhancement Requests are Personal and Political, Not Just Analytical

As data-driven product managers, we’d like to pretend that incoming technical requests are simply transactional. In the real world, though, real people and real agendas are involved. And that means there’s a personal and political context to consider when prioritizing demands on our already-overloaded development organization.

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The Power of a Few Customer Calls

Talking with even a few users/customers can make the difference between potentially good ideas and actual improvement. Between “I think…” and “here’s what I heard from live customers…”

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Three Product Challenges for Entrepreneurs (Stanford)

Three perennial challenges for entrepreneurs and start-up founders are (1) seriously listening to their markets, (2) building customer-side savings/ROI logic, and (3) whole-product thinking. Tiny companies lack formal product managers, but need to apply some product management thinking to these fundamental product/market needs.

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Panning for Gold in the Input Stream

Sorting through the chaotic mess of customer input streams is like panning for gold. Big rewards when you find a nugget, but a lot of hard work sifting through tons of obvious, repetitive, incremental suggestions.

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Product Management Essentials for ProJECT Managers

Rich was June’s guest speaker for PMI Silicon Valley, on ProDUCT Management Basics for ProJECT Managers. We talked about product management as a murky role: poorly understood and inconsistently practiced across tech companies. And how to bridge role/goal/terminology gaps…

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Video: Importance of Roadmapping

Magnus Billgren of Tolpagorni Product Management talks with Rich Mironov about the importance of roadmaps as part of a coherent product strategy. How do we handle customer requests that are not in plan? This was taped during Tolpagorni’s Product Leadership Days, March 2012.

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Santa Clara MBA Lecture on PM and NPD

Prof. Kumar Sarangee of Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business invited Rich Mironov to be a guest lecturer for his Product Market Planning and Strategy class.  SCU’s Evening MBA program attracts some of the brightest students from the Valley, with a tradition of providing leadership back to technology companies.

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“What If Dev Doesn’t Think Product Mgmt Represents Customers?”

Recently, I put up a small assessment tool for product management teams.  This tool is intended to generate discussion and highlight areas for team improvement.  Several PMs had follow-up comments and questions along the lines of “what should we do if we’re scored ourselves poorly on a specific item?” There are no generic prescriptions for

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