More Chefs and Agile Restauranteurs

As more of our clients have moved to agile software development, we’ve seen a growing need for business agility: getting non-engineering functions involved earlier and more collaboratively, so that companies deliver better revenue results as well as better software.  Let’s make this more concrete by mapping it to the restaurant business. Our first thoughts about restaurants are usually about the food.  It’s important to remember, though, that restaurants are businesses first-and-foremost: if they don’t make money, they close their doors.  A well-functioning restaurant profitably coordinates the chefs with its front-of-house staff and sales/marketing.  Translating this to the software world, agile software development teams (engineering, QA, tech docs, tech ops) are our chefs: creating the most visible part of what we…

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Grocers and Chefs: Software Service Models

This article captured an April 2007 talk I did at SVPMA.  The original slide deck is here. I’m talking with more and more with companies considering a shift from traditional licensing models to hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS). It’s important to recognize the radical changes such a move may force within your entire company.  This column serves up a metaphor for the mental and organizational adjustments needed to move from a “product” model to a service business.

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So Your Product Wants to Be a Service…


not so easy

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