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With a small group of your PM leadership peers, we'll dig into tough organizational, economic, and executive-level issues. We'll share real-world experiences. We'll discover that most product leaders are wrestling with a common set of internal selling challenges.


Neat selection of resources. I bookmark a lot of the ones you post and use them on a regular basis.

Adam Peters

Founder, Netmetrix

I love your mix of content. So many helpful resources, articles and news I wasn’t aware of!

John De Beer

CEO, Mirnac

To be honest, you guys provide me with the best newsletter. I receive lots of newsletters and yours is the most useful!

Rachel Shaw

Owner, Creatile


Latest issues

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Revenue Goals are Not Company Strategies

We’re in the Silly Season: companies of all sizes are doing annual planning — intending to lock down 12 months
GTM Podcast with Mike Smart

GTM Podcast with Mike Smart

Mike Smart invited me to join his "GTM Disrupted" podcast to talk about the business of software and how product


We’re at the top of the AI/LMM/Chatbot hype cycle. Every biz publication is deliriously covering this.  Stories
Philippe Petit tightrope walking between World Trade Center towers, 1974

Moving from Services to Products

I’ve written a lot about the huge organizational and technical gulf between services companies and product companies. (See this
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Online Product Leadership Essentials Course

After decades of in-person classes, workshops and event keynotes, I'm offering a real-time remote course. This is a seminar-style "Product
Tasneem Gould, emcee for Product Aotearoa conference

Product Aotearoa Conference (Auckland, NZ)

I was thrilled to participate in Product Aotearoa's inaugural conference in Auckland on Sept 7-8.  Big thanks to David Jeames,

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