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With a small group of your PM leadership peers, we'll dig into tough organizational, economic, and executive-level issues. We'll share real-world experiences. We'll discover that most product leaders are wrestling with a common set of internal selling challenges.


Neat selection of resources. I bookmark a lot of the ones you post and use them on a regular basis.

Adam Peters

Founder, Netmetrix

I love your mix of content. So many helpful resources, articles and news I wasn’t aware of!

John De Beer

CEO, Mirnac

To be honest, you guys provide me with the best newsletter. I receive lots of newsletters and yours is the most useful!

Rachel Shaw

Owner, Creatile


Latest issues

In Scope for My Role?

In Scope for My Role?

Something that comes up periodically in my product leadership coaching sessions: “As a Director or VP of Product, how do
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New course: Moving Up the Product Management Career Ladder

I'm launching a new course for product managers who are thinking about the next steps in their careers:
Being Empathetic

Being Empathetic

In the middle of a CPO coaching session last week, I recalled the passing of Daniel Kahneman, the Nobelist who
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Podcast: More 2 Marketing

I joined Susan Walsh on her More 2 Marketing podcast, where we had an hour-long conversation around: * project funding vs.
Videocast: Product Leader's Journey

Videocast: Product Leader's Journey

I joined Rahul Abhyankar on his Product Leader's Journey videocast. We talked at length about * What Go-to-Market teams
Grant, Rich, Steve talking live

Videocast: Steve Johnson & Grant Hunter (Product Growth Leaders)

I joined Grant Hunter and Steve Johnson for a livestreamed Product Conversation. Give it a listen. We had a lively,

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