I’m grateful that some of my public talks have been recorded by event sponsors. Here are some assorted videos:

Canterbury Tech (NZ) Summit keynote: Product Waste and How Product Management Adds Value (Sept 2023)

Product Camp Dublin: My Stories Aren’t Long Enough… (April 2020)

INDUSTRY Europe: The Organizational Challenge of Enterprise Roadmapping (April 2019)

Business of Software/Cambridge: Software Pricing Demystified (April 2019)

Business of Software/Boston: Roadmapping’s Organizational Challenges (Oct 2018)

Agile Greece Summit: Product Managers, Product Owners, and The Need for Real End User Validation (Sept 2018)

Auckland: Scaling Your SaaS Business Faster – and mistakes founders make (Aug 2018)

Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley: Understanding Enterprise Product Companies (May 2018)

Product Tank Dublin: What Your Roadmap Audiences Are Really Thinking (April 2018)

Product Anonymous, Melbourne: Building and Scaling a Product team

Product Camp Silicon Valley Keynote: Paying It Forward (2017)

ProductTank Dublin: Four Laws of Software Economics (2016)

Product Tank: Hard Portfolio Decisions (2015)

Product Managers, Product Owners, Scalable Agile Models (2014)

ProductCamp LA: Good, Better, Great Product Management (2014)

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