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Product Coaching and “Show, Don’t Tell”

I sometimes find product management teams composed entirely of first-timers, where not a single person has any previous experience as a product manager.  This presents a fundamental challenge: how do we train or skill up a whole product team from scratch?

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We’re In A Product Candidate’s Job Market

Every CPO/VP Product I talk with is in a battle for product talent… so we’re in a “candidate” job market rather than a “hiring company” job market. What are some do’s and don’ts for product managers and first line product directors looking for their next adventure in this market?

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Product Sprawl

There’s a pattern I see, especially at enterprise software companies, where the go-to-market materials present a glowing product picture – but underneath there’s a jumble of mismatched pieces, arcane product history, incomplete testing, and randomness.  I call it product sprawl. 

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Watering Down SaaS ARR

I see some software companies classifying multi-year development contracts as SaaS ARR. Here’s why I don’t think investors should be excited about that…

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Exiting Gracefully

Most of us don’t get much practice resigning from corporate leadership positions, but it’s important to do this gracefully.  Plan it the way you’d plan your next product: clear communication, succession plan, helpful transition. And be a mensch: you’ll be working with many of these people again.

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The Risks of Replatforming

Many companies have replatforming efforts underway.  This is an essential part of the software product business, but fraught with poor assumptions and lack of experience/understanding.  I’ve seen the majority of these replatforming and reimplementation efforts fail…

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Selling Problems (and Then Solutions) Instead of Philosophy

We know that external customers must recognize a problem before they consider buying our solution. But I often see product managers / product leaders forget this when dealing with internal stakeholders and executives. We push for product-side practices and processes without clearly framing the underlying problems. I think of this as ‘selling philosophy.’

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Merchandizing Product Management

Product management work is much easier when the product team is well-respected: when stakeholders believe that we’re smart and hard-working and good at product stuff.  So an under-appreciated skill of product leaders is merchandizing good product work and good outcomes from our teams.
What does that look like?

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How Weak Analogies About Software Can Lead Us Astray

Company leaders who aren’t steeped in how software is designed and built can apply less-than-useful analogies for how software products are built. These analogies tend to highlight predictability, scheduling and cost management… but may not be that useful. This post unpacks a few of them.

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Difficult Product Discussions with CEOs

CEOs may not see their role in systematic product/development problems, and product leaders may not know how to frame their concerns so CEOs can hear them. Can we get past buzzwords to difficult organizational discussions?

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