Mironov Consulting brings deep, hands-on experience to a range of product management problems. We provide both solo consulting and teams of highly trusted industry experts to engagements including:

Interim VP Product Management/Chief Product Officer

When the product management team lacks solid leadership, or the marketing-to-development process has broken down and products are not getting to market, your company may need a seasoned executive to take over product management on an interim basis.

This includes rebuilding trust between technical and marketing organizations; rationalizing staffing; clearly defining who does what; getting requirements and roadmaps rebuilt; and “getting the trains running again.” Bringing in a respected product executive for a quarter (or two) is one way to address urgent VP-level issues.  Interim Product VP engagements include helping locate a full-time replacement.  Rich Mironov has parachuted in as Acting/Interim VP Products for seven companies (so far).

Organizational Assessments and Design of Product Management Organizations

scrum-largeHow should a product management group be organized, and how should you divide responsibilities? How many product managers do you need, and how do they relate to development teams/program managers/product marketers?  What are the symptoms of poor prioritization, strategic confusion or chronic understaffing?  Every company is different, but guidance from a product management thought leader can quickly cut through to the issues.

Rich provides in-depth, confidential product team assessments based on extensive personal interviews with product management and key stakeholders.  What’s working, and what’s not working?  How are we resolving inevitable conflicts over resources and priorities and commitments?  What is motivating the product and engineering and marketing staff, and delivering great products/services?  Are hiring and training/mentoring approaches delivering capable product folks?  We can help you refine your organization; improve agile product processes; interview potential new hires; mentor and teach product managers; adjudicate cross-functional issues; and keep the focus on building great products.  Find out what works, and how other companies have solved similar problems.

Leadership-Level Coaching and Mentoring

Directors and VPs of Product Management have some special challenges: finding collaborative approaches in complex organizations; hiring and mentoring new product talent; defending the product roadmap without being rigid or dogmatic; building credibility with adjacent functional groups.  Product executives are scarce and peers are hard to get time with.  Rich Mironov provides ongoing mentoring to product management leaders, and a sounding board for complex or sensitive issues. Intestinal fortitude and office heroism don’t have to be the only answers.  Let’s talk.

Success story: Oration

Customized On-Site Workshops, Facilitation and Training

training-largeProduct management is a complex contact sport. If your team needs hands-on training tailored to a specific product issue or organization, we can custom-craft a solution. Classes are organized as full participation workshops, with theory immediately applied to group exercises and collaboration: learn-by-doing and learn-by-example as equal partners with learn-by-listening. We usually include development managers as well as product managers so that we can wrestle with cross-functional issues.

Frequent topics: agile product managers/product owners; pricing and customer value; working with executives; roadmaps and organizational alignment; customer validation, discovery and lean tools; software economics and portfolio planning; how sales teams think. Wherever possible, exercises and examples use the group’s own product set.

Success story: Onestop

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