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Delegation for Product Leaders

Leading a product management team includes delegating most product-level decision-making. How do we match that to team maturity and differing difficulties of various product work?

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Podcast: Product Leadership, Career Planning, and Getting Fired/Hired

What: Product404’s podcast, hosted by Kent Keirsey Recorded: 14 April 2020 Length: 46 minutes _______________ Product404 is an Atlanta-based product community, normally hosting in-person events.  Kent Keirsey is turning this into a podcast series (for now). Kent and I talked at length about product leadership; smokejumping into companies; moving up the career ladder; helping those

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Paying It Forward: Product Camp SV Keynote

A short talk about Paying It Forward and the important of personal networking in the product management community. I share three personal vignettes to highlight value of personal networking and ways we can all Pay It Forward to build an even stronger product community.

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Post: 10 Questions from The Clever PM

10 questions from The Clever PM for his blog series including ‘What piece of advice would you share?’ and ‘What are the biggest challenges for Product Leaders? and ‘Biggest differences between smaller startups and larger companies?’

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Product Camp: Getting Promoted to Director

This Product Camp discussion focused on career ladders for product managers, what directors do that’s different from their individual contributors, and how to signal your interest if you want that next job up. Several participants raised real-world issues, and product veterans sharing their hard-won points of view.

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Metrics for Product Career Schools?

Various product management schools, workshops and certificate programs strongly suggest that attendees will get jobs as product managers. Success metrics seem critical here, but are notably missing. “Of the people who’s already spent thousands of their own dollars on this course, how many are now working as product managers…?”

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Products That Count Podcast

A podcast with SC Moatti, founder of Products That Count. We discussed technology product management roles, career ladders, the critical need for cross-functional communication, how incentives shape what our peers do, and when a startup hires its first full-time product manager.

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Hack The Process Podcast

I joined M. David Green’s Hack The Process podcast where we talked about products, organizations, humility, content marketing, and narrowly focusing a consulting practice. A packed 45 minutes.

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