May 1, 2019 1 min read

Videocast: Moving Up into a Product Leadership Role

Mike Belsito of Product Collective hosted this half-hour live Q&A about product management organizations and careers.  This is a lead-up to September’s INDUSTRY conference in Cleveland, where I will have a talk and workshop on “Moving Up into a Product Leadership Role”


We talked about:

  • How managing products is different from managing product teams
  • Skill sets for Product Leaders (and whether an MBA is required)
  • Can senior product managers keep doing what they love, or do they naturally get promoted?
  • Ways to prepare for (and signal interest in) product leadership roles
  • Things to do — and not do — in your first weeks as a product leader

Interest folks may also want to register for the INDUSTRY conference (Sept 23-25) and sign up for my product leadership/career planning workshop.

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