Jun 12, 2024 1 min read

Money Talks: Aligning Product Strategy + Business Goals

Money Talks: Aligning Product Strategy + Business Goals

I was thrilled to join ITX's Product Momentum podcast for an episode called "Money Talks: Aligning Product Strategy + Business Goals" Hosted by Paul Gebel, we talked about:

  • Know your audience: speaking the language of business.
    “Anytime I talk to business folks about something that doesn’t have currency symbols in it, I’m pretty much assuming they’re not listening." We need to explain why the company cares, instead of why the product team cares. 
  • Translating use cases into financial cases. “Go-to-market folks don’t really care what happens in the kitchen. They just want to get their meal on time and have it be hot and tasty.” That's why they focus on delivery dates and feature commitments, rather than development processes.
  • It's hard to have a product strategy if the company doesn't have an overall corporate strategy. But someone has to lead this dance.

See/hear it here!

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