Products That Count Podcast


A podcast with SC Moatti, founder of Products That Count. We discussed technology product management roles, career ladders, the critical need for cross-functional communication, how incentives shape what our peers do, and when a startup hires its first full-time product manager.

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Lean Meetup: Challenges of Enterprise Product Management


Lean Product/UX Meetup: Enterprise software products often have long sales cycles, lumpy revenue streams, and organizational gaps between buyers and users. How does this shape enterprise product management?

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Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers


We may be over-investing in a few outlier prospects and neglecting our core customers. How do we frame this and get support to fire one or two?

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FIR B2B Podcast: How Product Managers and Marketers Can Work Together


Podcast on how marketers and product managers can work well together, and the importance of deeply understanding customer needs before building products or marketing campaigns .

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The DIY Illusion


It’s easy to believe that broadly available commercial products don’t give us exactly what we want, but that our internal team can quickly whip up precisely the right thing. This ignores some fundamental economics of software commercialization.

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What Do Recruiters Look For in a Product Management Resume?


Recruiters and hiring managers wade through a tall stack of incoming resumes, most of which are not at all a fit, and often miss subtleties. Strong candidates may need to work around the process to make an impression and get hired.

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Eight Mistakes You’ll (Probably) Make in Your First Product Management Job


New product managers have often studied the daily mechanics of the product development process, but tend to be light on soft skills, product strategy, organizational savvy, and market insight. Where do they get into trouble?

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“It’s Not Just Me”


Many of the challenges that product leaders face are the same across companies. Getting together and talking with our peers lets us recognize the commonalities and avoid defining these as singularly personal failures.

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What Do Product Leaders Worry About?


Heads of product management teams worry about a different issues than their individual-contributor product managers. More organizationally focused, less product-focused. What’s at the top of their issues backlog?

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This Is Why I Hire First for Product Experience


My #1 hiring criterion for (senior) product management roles is previous product management experience. Responding to a Medium post by David Cancel, here’s some of my thinking.

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