Eight Mistakes You’ll (Probably) Make in Your First Product Management Job


New product managers have often studied the daily mechanics of the product development process, but tend to be light on soft skills, product strategy, organizational savvy, and market insight. Where do they get into trouble?

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“It’s Not Just Me”


Many of the challenges that product leaders face are the same across companies. Getting together and talking with our peers lets us recognize the commonalities and avoid defining these as singularly personal failures.

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July 25: Agile2016 innovation & product talks


Rich will give two talks at Agile2016 in Atlanta (July 25-29): “Intro to Agile Product Innovation” and “Intro to Agile Product Management.” Both talks are for general agile audiences, geared to those working on (or coaching) agile development teams but with limited visibility into the revenue-generating market side of the software business.

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What Do Product Leaders Worry About?


Heads of product management teams worry about a different issues than their individual-contributor product managers. More organizationally focused, less product-focused. What’s at the top of their issues backlog?

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This Is Why I Hire First for Product Experience


My #1 hiring criterion for (senior) product management roles is previous product management experience. Responding to a Medium post by David Cancel, here’s some of my thinking.

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Organizational Thank-Yous


Thanking people for their good work is one of the most powerful, least used tools we have at the office. Here’s one organizationally-minded way to share appreciation.

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A VP Product’s Checklist


VPs of Product Management have to create the conditions for individual product managers to succeed. This includes organizational, process, hiring/mentoring and cross-functional leadership — plus buy-in at every level. What goes on a new VP’s checklist?

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Ready Product Radio Podcast: Managing Products vs. Managing Product Managers

Ready Product Radio

Ready Product Radio’s Allan Neil talked with me about the difference between managing products and managing product managers; balancing one-off requests against strategic roadmaps; and whether more data is improving product decisions

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Everyday Innovator Podcast: Product/Organizational Challenges


Chad McAllister invited me to join his Everyday Innovator Podcast. We talked about coaching new product managers, organizational challenges and how to overcome them, making time to talk with lot of customers/prospects, and approaches to corporate innovation.

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Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Unicorn Apocalypse In Silicon Valley?


From Forbes’ Leadership blog: my comments about the impending Unicorn Apocalypse. What happens when a few highly visible startups stumble and funding slows down?

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