I’m grateful that some of my public talks and panels have been recorded by event sponsors.  Here are some assorted videos:

Product Managers, Product Owners, and Scalable Models for Agile Product Teams 4Apr14 with thanks to Bernie Maloney and Cisco’s IPTV team.

Making Hard Strategic Decisions about Products & Portfolios,” Product Tank SF 20Aug15 with thanks to Daniel Elizalde and MTP.

Products That Count: How product managers help your startup scale 22Oct14 with thanks to Sophie-Charlotte Moatti.

Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network (SV-ALN) 10June14 with thanks to Stacey Louie.

Great Product Management keynote @ ProductCamp LA with thanks to Neal Cabage.
Plus a Q&A session on measuring value, acquiring soft skills, whether customers understand their problems…

Series of short videos with Magnus Billgren of Tolpagorni (Stockholm SE) from June 2012

SaaS Business Models webinar 3Jun14 with thanks to Logi Analytics.

Panel discussion at Stanford Graduate School of Business on “Getting to the Top in Product Marketing and Product Management” with thanks to Kathryn Ullrich.