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Dog Whistles and the Myth of R&D Slack

There’s a dog whistle problem with critical phrases that Engineering VPs (and product managers) repeatedly speak but which can’t be heard by sales people or executives: “There is no slack in our development schedule. We’re fully booked.” …and… “If we make this new customer commitment, we will have to pull technical staff away from projects we have already committed to customers. That means slipping project ABC.”

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Video: Agile Product Mgmt challenges

The second video (of five) in Tolpagorni‘s product leadership series: Magnus Billgren and Rich Mironov talk about strategic product management challenges in agile organizations: the need for roadmaps, strong market input, and the increased (but very valuable!) additional work load for product managers. Recorded in March 2012 during Produktledardagen.

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Painters, Portraits, Software Architects

I’ve been tuning an analogy about painters for the last few months, which has become my litmus test for which companies see software strategically – and the kind of talent they attract.  First the analogy, in three parts: If you want someone to paint your house, you get a few quotes from house painters. Bids

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Magical Thinking and the Zero-Sum Roadmap

Recent conversations at several clients highlight an often-repeated set of magical thinking: beliefs by internal clients that development resources are infinite, and beliefs by product managers that prioritization can convince anyone otherwise.  Both are wrong, but seductive.  Here goes… The starting point for this conversation is the typical product roadmap: crammed full of prioritized work

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Review: “Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams”

Short review of Mario Moriera’s new book, “Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams.”  Mario structures a strong case that good Configuration Management (CM) is a strong enabler and requirement for highly productive Agile development teams.  In particular, he counters the oft-repeated (but untrue) assertion that Agile teams don’t need process, structure, tools or architecture to succeed.  To the contrary, thoughtful and planful application of CM principles is important to professional Agile software teams.

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