toolboxI’m excited by a new generation of software tools for product managers, product owners and product planners.

Accompa, Aha!, ProdPad, ProductPlan, productboard, PendoReqqs (beta) and Validately focus on product planning: requirements, roadmaps and customer collaboration.  Jama and OneDesk include prodmgmt in broader suites.  Please give some of these a try, and let me know if you’ve found others.

Remember that your development teams will get to pick their own project/agile/ticket tracking system (Rally, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, VersionOne, Mingle, GitHub, ScrumWorks…).  So be sure that your product management tools play nicely with the Engineering system-of-record.

Also, from my pre-cloud archive of stand-alone document, here are some historical templates I’ve found useful.  Most are filled with fanciful information to give you a sense of what belongs: I can’t confirm (or deny) working on teleportation hardware or ESP-based password protection…

Early Product Planning

Pricing and Forecasting

Services versus Products