Aug 5, 2015 1 min read

Agile2015: Intro to Agile Product Management

I was honored to deliver the “bootcamp” session at Agile2015 on Agile Product Management.  Attendees included an eclectic mix of delivery teams, project/program managers, scrum masters, product owners and a handful of product managers.

Two fresh ideas for this presentation:

Product owner is a critical role for agile/scrum teams, as a key stakeholder and representative of users, customers or markets. Commercial software companies have a broader role — product manager –– responsible for identifying market needs/opportunities, making product-level decisions about offerings/benefits/pricing/packaging/channels/financial goals, and managing sales/customer relationships on behalf of executives. Since products often span multiple scrum teams, some products have a mix of product owners and product managers.  We’ll introduce product owners, map that against software product managers, and talk through approaches to meet all of the product needs for a market-successful product.  Learning Outcomes:

  • What is a product owner?
  • For revenue software companies, how does this align with product manager?
  • Failure modes for product owners/managers and strategies to avoid those failures
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