Apr 13, 2015 1 min read

Silicon Valley View of Product Owner/Manager Challenges (Agile@Cork)

What: Agile@Cork monthly meet-up
Topic: “Silicon Valley View of Product Owner/Product Manager Challenges”
When: Monday, 13 April
Where: Block A Ground Floor, City Gate Park, Mahon, Cork, Ireland

Rich joined 50+ members of Agile@Cork for a discussion of product owners, product manages, and why writing/accepting stories isn’t sufficient to drive successful software.  Starter thoughts:

  • Organizing the product organization. How do we share work among product managers, product owners and others?
  • Being agile. As development teams go scrum or Kanban, how do we serve them better and still keep an eye on the market?
  • Scaling up. Larger companies face product/portfolio issues more complex than single-product market validation. How do we balance competing interests and technology roadmaps?
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