Sep 21, 2018 1 min read

Athens: The Need for Real End User Validation

Agile Greece Summit is the largest agile conference in Southern Europe.  It brings together developers, team leaders, product folks, managers and executives.

Where: Athens, Greece (Auditorium Conference Centre, University of Piraeus TT)
When: Sept 20-21, 2018

Rich joined on 21 Sept for a talk on “Product Managers, Product Owners, and the Need for Real End User Validation.”  Slides and video below.

  • Requirements from external customers (and internal business units) usually mis-state problems and over-specify solutions.  Much of what we build is waste if we take user/customer/stakeholder requirements at face value.
  • Product managers in commercial software companies spend a large part of their time validating problems and solutions so that we “build the right things.”   Product owners in corporate IT often lack time/ permission/ skills/ support to validate with large numbers of actual end users.
  • We need to broaden our agile vocabulary to include real validation (aka discovery, customer development, Jobs To Be Done, design thinking, design sprints) rather than only delivery and velocity, so that we build the right things.

Product Managers, Product Owners, and Need for Real End User Validation from Rich Mironov

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