Sep 7, 2023 1 min read

Product Aotearoa Conference (Auckland, NZ)

Tasneem Gould, emcee for Product Aotearoa conference
Tasneem Gould, emcee for Product Aotearoa conference

I was thrilled to participate in Product Aotearoa's inaugural conference in Auckland on Sept 7-8.  Big thanks to David Jeames, Tas Gould, and all of the Product Aotearoa volunteers.

  • Sept 7 was conference day, with 8 talks and 2 panels.  I spoke about The Chocolate Cake Problem, joining a great speaker line-up: Nicole Williams, Andrew Tokeley, Bradley Scott, Para M, Bruce McCarthy, Norie Ape, Tanya Johnson.
  • Sept 8 was workshop day.  I delivered a half day workshop  on "Product Leadership, Customer Value, and Talking About Money with Stakeholders" covering how product managers add value; customer value and internal value; and how to talk with executives in money terms about technical work.
Rich talking about money stories
Product Aotearoa organizers
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