Jan 31, 2017 1 min read

Portland: Four Laws of Tech Product Economics

What: Four Laws of Tech Product Economics
Where: NAVEX Global, 5500 Meadows Rd, Lake Oswego, OR
When: Tuesday, Jan 31
Hosted by: ProductCamp Portland, NAVEX Global

There are some fundamental laws of technology product economics (especially software) that should drive executive-level decisions about business and product strategies. It’s easy to forget them, or decide they don’t apply to our special situation, especially for companies with a mix of packaged products and professional services. Rich stepped through some harsh realities about the tech business, then suggested some rules for thinking clearly about products and profitability.  Thanks to NAVEX for capturing this live…

Four Laws of Tech Product Economics – Rich Mironov from ProductCampPortland

“Dorse” image used with permission of Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen

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