Nov 16, 2023 1 min read

GTM Podcast with Mike Smart

GTM Podcast with Mike Smart

Mike Smart invited me to join his "GTM Disrupted" podcast to talk about the business of software and how product folks relate best with go-to-market folks.

Listen here

We talked about how the principal language of C-Suite executives is money, so the best CPOs have become multilingual: fluent in the language of technology and products, but also the financial language of their business.

I suggested the priorities of a CPO have shifted from release velocity to sales velocity: how can we help the whole company close lots of deals more quickly (rather than close a few huge deals slowly, and with great pain everyone once closed.) Product leaders need to be able to

1.    Drive Strategic Alignment
2.    Master Financial Fluency
3.    Initiate Trade-off Discussions
4.    Nurture an Innovation Culture

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