Nov 1, 2010 1 min read

How Agile Changes (and Doesn’t Change) What Product Managers Do

Rich Mironov led a November 18th session on agile product management for the Norcal BMA.


What: “How Agile Changes (and Doesn’t Change) What Product Managers Do”
Who: Norcal BMA (Northern California Business Marketing Association)
When: Nov 18th, 830AM – 10AM
Where: Scott’s Seafood, Palo Alto CA

Many software development organizations are moving to agile methodologies, but product managers are late to understand how this changes their role within the engineering organization. At the same time, “by the book” agilists tend to misunderstand (or forget about) product management with disastrous results.
This session will recap the essentials of tech product management, loosely define agile, and identify the primary failure modes of companies lacking agile PMs. How should we organize, train and collaborate for success?

How Agile Changes (and Doesn't) Product Management from Rich Mironov

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