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Third Annual Silicon Valley Product Camp

The third annual Silicon Valley Product Camp (aka P-Camp) was the largest gathering of product managers ever!  550 product managers got together for a Saturday of discussions, talks, panels, networking, fun, food, t-shirts and surprises.  Under the leadership of SVPMA and with Yahoo! generosity.  34 sessions, talks and panels were chosen from 70 proposals, for a long day of collaboration and participation.

P-Camp ‘10

What is P-Camp?  Now spreading around the world as Product Camps, it is a one-day gathering of product folks to share, present, network, learn, laugh and discuss.  Full event details at .  A list of events in other cities (countries) is maintained at

What: Silicon Valley P-Camp 2010
When:  Saturday, March 13, 2010, 8AM to 4PM
Where:  Yahoo! HQ, Building C, 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale
Cost:  FREE!  Included lunch and a P-Camp ‘10 t-shirt

The biggest-ever P-Camp used an online voting model to create an agenda for the morning and a live “dot-voting” model for the afternoon.  (Rich ran a session on agile PM thinking.) Here was our final agenda:


  • Why would anyone want to hire YOU? (Barbara Nelson)
  • Practical metrics for any product manager (panel led by Greg Cohen, Tom Grant, DuttaSatadip)
  • Visualize Product Success (Michael Deutch)
  • First two years in the life of a Product Manager (Rishi Bhargava)
  • Avoiding the Top 7 Mistakes Bringing New Products to Market (Steve Tennant)
  • PM Productivity: How To Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time (Brian Lawley)
  • Product Management in a Start-Up Environment (Adam Birch)


  • What do buyers really want? (Alan Armstrong)
  • Anthropology for the Product Manager (Paula Gray)
  • Domain Knowledge: Does it Matter? (Larry McKeogh)
  • Use of Social Media for Product Marketing Research (Scott Gilbert)
  • Segmenting Customers: How to do it quickly and effectively to improve products (Dutta Satadip),
  • Agile product managers: how agile changes waterfall PM processes and thinking (Rich Mironov)
  • How to Create a Compelling Financial Model for Your Business Plan (panel led by Nupur Thakur)


  • Positioning your most important product: YOU (John Mansour)
  • Finding product/market fit through customer development (Cindy Alvarez)
  • Making Web 2.0 work for product management (Andrew Filev)
  • Lean product management (Greg Cohen)
  • Credibility and authority for product management & product marketing (Alan Armstrong)
  • How to create innovative ideas at will (Susan Robertson)
  • Innovation games in agile practice (Nancy Frishberg)


  • Creating your most persuasive messaging/value proposition (Michael Cannon)
  • Use on-line communities to turbo-charge your product roadmap (Scott Blacker)
  • Product strategy 101 (Sue Raisty-Egami)
  • Productivity tools and tips in product management (Michael Deutch)
  • Measuring business value for partners and communities (Russ Thomas)
  • How to be a phenomenal product manager (Brian Lawley)
  • Product management and branding in a services oriented business (Adam Birch)


  • Agile requirements gathering (Chris Sims)
  • Story craft (Dennis Britton)
  • Cloud Software (Saas) PM: How does it differ from traditional software PM? (John Ahlander)
  • Prototyping for PM; get your ideas tested and shown fast (Etay Gafni)
  • So engineering makes all the key decisions (Phil Burton)
  • How to choose the right methodologies to gather customer input (Jen Berkley)


We’re grateful to P-Camp’s sponsors, starting with SVPMA and Yahoo!
Additional gold sponsors: 280 Group, FusionCharts, Pragmatic Marketing, Sequent Learning,The UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education and Zigzag Marketing.

Silver sponsors: Accept Software, Enthiosys, Innovation Games, Pivotal Product Management, Primary Intelligence, Sure Product Consulting, Splunk, UltimateinSuccess and Wrike.

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