Mar 7, 2024 1 min read

Videocast: Mastering C-Suite Persuasion

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I had the honor of joining Bosky Mukherjee for a free-wheeling discussion about product leadership, the language of money, and the obligations we (as leaders and managers) owe to the great individuals who work for us. Bosky is a product coach and runs PMDojo. Give a listen.

Topics that we dug into:

  • What our go-to-market partners (sales, operations, marketing) care about. What in our product launch or update is important to them? How are we helping them meet their goals (versus our PM-specific goals)?
  • Talking with execs in the language of money – how will this help our top-line revenue? roughly how many new customers do we think this will bring in? Order-of-magnitude operational savings if we build Y or implement Z?
  • What to do (and think) when a senior PM on my team tells me they are starting to look outside our company for better opportunities/growth?

Full recording is here.

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