Dec 14, 2016 1 min read

Market-Facing Skills for Product Managers/Owners

What: Product Management Fast Track Meetup
Topic: Market-Facing Skills for Product Managers and Product Owners
When: Dec 14th. 2016
Where: CODE & CANVAS, 151 Potrero Ave., San Francisco

New product managers and product owners often focus on technical and transactional details, such as writing and accepting stories, grooming backlogs, drafting bills of materials (i.e., the essential parts of a software product, including the non software items) and collaborating with engineering teams on estimation and sprint planning. In the absence of deep market and customer insight, these are empty exercises.

Product managers (owners) need to drive market acceptance and actual user adoption, not just on-time software delivery. These efforts call for essential market-facing skills and activities.

We had a large, lively group – and discussions took us off to many topics (from working with early stage startups to dealing with sales escalations.)  That let us get through only a portion of the planned talk, below.

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